If it is rude to ask for your age,
then consider us a rude wine.

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Would you like a Red, White or Rosé Blend?.
Unique in Style.
Different by nature.
Outspoken and daring.
Relaxed and versatile.

A Red wine that does not need crystal glasses.

A secret blend of different grapes, made with the barrels that
our winemaker selects for its own personal consumption wine,
where each lot possesses a different and unique touch.
We are sorry, we cannot divulge the secret blend, but we can guarantee
that it is an easy drinking wine, with an intense fruit and tasty flavor profile
that will surely get you hooked.


A Rosé that will make you blush.

Tried it chilled or with ice. We won´t be offended!
Its rich notes of cherry candy, as well as it juicy palate with perfect acidity are perfect to enjoy on a sunny day, and are complemented well with sparkling wine, as well as with fruits such as watermelon or berries.


A wine as cool as the one who drinks it.

On the beach, on the terrace, in the kitchen or the bathtub…It does not matter where you enjoy it. Winemaker´s accompanies any occasion in which you seek to have fun, refresh yourself, or simply relax. Its fresh, crisp and fruity character, along with its aromatic and fun profile turn it into the perfect company.


Summer Winemakers


4 ounces of Winemakers Red.
½ ounce of cinzano rosso or bianco.
2 ounces of sprite or lemon soft drink.
Full ice.
2 lemon slices.

Winemakers Passion


5 ounces of Winemakers Rosé.
1 ounce of orange or grapefruit juice.
1 ounce of simple syrup.
2 ounces of tonic water.
Full ice.

Winemakers Citron


5 ounces of Winemakers White.
¾ ounces of Lemon Juice
2 ounces of ginger ale.
1 ounce of simple syrup
Full ice.
3 slices of ginger.

Don Tintan

180 cc Winemaker`s Red Blend

30 cc Cacao Liqueur

Berries´ Syrup with boldo tea

Sweet Rosé

60 cc Winemaker´s Rosé Blend

30 cc Clear Pisco Reservado

30 cc Simple Syrup

30 cc Strawberry Juice

30 cc Passion Fruit Pulp

Caribe en el Sur

60 cc Winemaker´s White Blend

30 cc Coconut Milk

30 cc almond Syrup

1 Dash of Vanilla infusion

30 cc Gin

El Temucano

90 cc Winemaker´s Red Blend

20 cc Old fashion syrup

Tonic Water

Atardecer de Otoño

60 cc Winemaker´s Rosé Blend

20 cc Syrup of Ceylon tea infusio

15 cc Cucumber Fruit

30 cc Ramazzoti

30 cc Vodka

Don´t Give Up

90 cc Winemaker´s White Blend

15 cc Syrup of Green Chile

15 cc Lemon Juice

Saccharum Oil

Scandinavian Crust


90 cc Winemaker`s Red Blend

45 cc Red Blend Sauce with red apples, oranges and vanilla

30 cc Peach Juice

1 Spoon of Toasted Flour


45 cc Syrup de Winemaker`s Rosé Blend with red bell pepper and bay leaves

60 cc of Grapefruit juice

Top with Rosé Blend

Sauvignon Ginger

90 cc Winemaker`s White Blend

30 cc Quince Juice

30 cc Passion Fruit Juice

Dash of ginger

Quince Ice Cubes and White Blend

Tropical Ruby

60 cc Winemaker´s Red Blend

Quince Salt

30 cc mandarin juice

30 cc grapefruit juice

30 cc Triple sec


60 cc Winemaker´s Rose Blend

30 cc Vodka

30 cc Rose Syrup

15 cc elderflower liqueur

20 cc freshly squeezed lemon juice


75 cc Winemaker´s White Blend

30 cc Cointreau

45 cc Gin

60 cc orange juice

30 cc Martini Bianco


75 cc Winemaker`s Red Blend

30 cc Eucalyptus Syrup

60 cc Orange Juice

22,5 cc Araucano Liqueur

30 cc Egg Albumin


45 cc Winemaker´s Rosé Blend

20 cc Ballantines hard fired

15 cc Wine reduction with raspberries, cinnamon and clove

15 cc squeezed orange juice

Ma Kouru

120 cc Winemaker´s White Blend

60 cc Mint tea

10 Drops of Lemon

30 cc Banana Syrup

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